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Pattye Kealohalani Wright (Kumu Kea) is Kumu Hula of Na Puakea O Ko'olaupoko, a hula halau (school) in Kailua Hawaii, which she founded in 1973. Her Uniki (graduation) as Kumu Hula was in 1990. Her kahiko (ancient traditional style hula) is in the Kaua'i tradition as taught to her by Aunty Lani Kalama whose teacher was Lokalia Montgomery (known as the "teacher of teachers"). Her auana (modern style hula) is in the Hilo tradition of ai ha'a (bent knee style) as taught to her by Bella Richards.
This series of teaching dvds brings authentic Hawaiian hula classes directly to you: the students and teachers of Hawaiian hula. Here are real choreographies taught by a real Kumu Hula that real hula dancers learn in real Hawaiian hula classes in Hawaii. The lessons and routines have not been simplified for casual beginners, but are meant for serious hula students and teachers.
Each Instructional DVD first presents the entire number danced for you by a graceful hula dancer in full costume, so you can visualize how the dance will look performed. Next the instructional portion is presented just like a real hula class with every detail of each verse taught slowly and completely. Then the verse is practiced with music and verbal cues from Kumu Kea. Once the entire song is taught, it is practiced from the beginning with the music. "Mirror imaging" is used throughout the entire session so the lessons are easy to follow and steps can be viewed from all angles. Also during the lessons song lyrics and other relevant Hawaiian words appear on screen for you to follow.
Most of the dvds include a Teacher Booklet (internet download only) with the song's lyrics and translation, ukulele chords, the complete written choreography with all steps and gestures, background information about the song and choreography, costuming suggestions, explanations of hula steps used, tips on posture and arm positions, a glossary of hula related words, plus a section with thoughts for teachers.
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This dance is a hula standard for parties or performance. Known by every musician who plays Hawaiian music, this lively automobile ride through the countryside is as much fun for the audience as it is for the dancer.  Kumu Kea not only teaches the number but models it while teaching Punahele, who shows what she learned in her opening performance on the DVD.  This hula number is uplifting and smile filled.  Have fun with this joyride!

Teacher: Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright)
Dancer: Punahele
Style: Modern ('Auana)
Level: Intermediate
Language: Hawaiian with a bit of English 
Running time: 35 minutes
Companion CD: #MH337CD - "Sandii's Hawaii 4th"

Our Price: $25.00


This hula classic hula kahiko number is a must for all hula dancers: children, teens or adults; male or female. It describes some of the beautiful sites to be seen on the island of Kauai. This is the seated (noho) rendition of the chant where the dancer does the chanting and gesturing while keeping the rhythm with her own ipu. This relatively simple number is suitable for less experienced students. Complete instruction is given for holding and playing the ipu. For those who do not have an ipu but would like to learn this hula, an empty 1-gallon plastic bleach bottle will substitute quite well for practice. (50 minutes)
Dancer: Meleana
Instrument: ipu
Style: Ancient (kahiko)
Level: Beginner - Advanced
Language: Hawaiian
Teacher Booklet: 7 pages (available for download)
Companion CD: MH234CDR - "Hula Ekahi CD-R" by Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohhi)

Our Price: $25.00