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Mahealani Uchiyama

     He Mele No Na Aumakua is an original composition by Mahealani . It is a prayer of love and gratitude to all our ancestor Spirits and asks for health and strong community ties.
     Mihi Au is a traditional Tahitian love song which states "and now the time has come for me to tell you that I am yours forever"
     Na Hoku ‘Elua (the two Hokus) was created by Mahealani in Tahiti on the occasion of her Godson Hoku’s first birthday. Little Hoku was named after her son, and the name Hoku means "Star" Hawaiian. The words speak of the beauty of the full moon rising over the ocean, and how the moonlight shone in celebration of her love for both of these precious beings.
     Shumba yaNgwasha - In Shona ceremony, the music of the mbira has the power to bring the presence of ancestral spirits. This song is a reminder to young people to hold on to their traditions.
     A Prayer at Sunset was composed by Mahealani soon after the passing of her father. During sunset one evening, she was overcome by the presence of her father’s Spirit.
     Cherokee Morning Song - Mahealani’ heard a popular rendition of this song and recognized the melody as one from her childhood that her mom used to hum. The Cherokee Morning Song is the type of song which would be chanted while entering the river in the morning to give thanks for the new day, and to wash away any feelings separating one from one’s family, neighbors, or the Creator.
     Mercy Mercy Me is indeed a translation of the song by Marvin Gaye. "Huli Ka Honua" a Hawaiian adaptation of "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" seems even more relevant in these times, as we all begin to come to terms with global warming.
     Uaro is a composition by Aaron Sencil, dedicated to the Tahitian Goddess of the sea shore.
     Pahupahu is a fusion of Tahitian ‘Ote’a with the West African rhythms of Lamba (for healing) and Manjiani (for celebration), This performance is a celebration and call of support for all of us who walk in two worlds.
     He Kamahele Au celebrates the revelation that although Mahealani has visited many places and cultures the world over, she knows that her "homeland" resides within her heart.
     Te Arohanui is a prayer calling on the Ancestor Spirits for strength and perseverance.

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